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Lucy Backman

When I first started in Relationship Marketing. I had a dog with Epilepsy & Drove a school bus. After learning how much it would be to care & treat the dog. I knew, I needed to do something else to make money. Or, Give up my dog I love dearly! Relationship Marketing became the missing ingredient to juggle school bus driving & The expense I needed to care for the dog's Epilepsy. Sadly, The dog later lost her battle with Epilepsy. & Passed away.

10 Cards, 20 Days, $20

Act on Your Promptings with the 10 Card Challenge

10 Prompting Cards Sent Within 20 Days.

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the people who mean the most to you? It's time to take the step to transform the way you express love, gratitude, and encouragement.

With our professionally designed and curated catalog cards, you have the power to change 11 lives for the better with these 10 cards - including YOURS. This option is designed to help you uplift, inspire, and create lasting memories by following your heartfelt promptings. Imagine the joy and surprise on your loved ones' faces as they receive a personalized card from you. It's a beautiful journey that will deepen your relationships and leave a lasting impression.

What is Relationship Marketing?

Connect with others by acting on your promptings and sending heartfelt messages to the world.

Expand your reach by plugging in to the virtual assistant service made to help you connect with the world.

Serve the World in the way only you can by bringing your business out to those who need it most.

Develop the relationship with yourself and the life you live with health and wellness products.

Invest in yourself, enrich your mind, empower your future by building it now.

Strengthen your relationship with others through gifts that speak the language of the heart.

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